Wide Temperature 12V 10Ah Lithium Titanate Battery

Compared with LiCoO₂ and LNMO, the most obvious advantages of lithium iron phosphate are extremely high safety factors, support for fast charging (high current charging), and a wider operating temperature range.

Model number


Nominal voltage


Nominal capacity


Battery cell



42*130*220mm (Max)


outdoor power monitoring communication

Details about Wide Temperature 12V 10Ah Lithium Titanate Battery

Product number: SL-1210
Battery specification: 40120/5S2P/12V/10Ah
Nominal voltage:12V
Nominal capacity:10Ah
Charging voltage: 14.25V
Charging current: ≤2A
Discharging current: 5A
Instant discharging current: 15A
End-off voltage: 7.5V
Internal resistance: ≤150mΩ
Battery weight: 1.4Kg
Product dimension: 42*130*220mm(Max)
Charging temperature:0~45℃
Discharging temperature: -20~70 ℃
Storage temperature: -20~45 ℃
Battery case: aluminum alloy
Lithium-ion battery protection: short circuit protection, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, overcurrent protection, temperature protection, etc.
Application field: outdoor power monitoring communication

1. Long cycle spam. It lasts 2000-3000 cycles
2. Safety & Reliability
3. Allow big charge & discharge current
4. High-temperature resistance
5. Big capacity
6. No memory effect
7. Environment friendly

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