Long Cycle Life High Capacity Lipo Battery 24V 40/60/80AH AGV Lithium-Ion Battery

Smart batteries use internal electronic circuits to measure, calculate, and store battery data, which makes the use and management of power supplies more predictable.

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Product number: SL-2440
Cell model:BYD/3.2V/40Ah
Battery specification: 8S1P/24V/40Ah
Nominal voltage:24V
Nominal capacity:40Ah
Charging voltage: 30V
Charging current: ≤4A
Discharging current: ≤40A
Instant discharging current: 40A
End-off voltage: 16V
Cycle life: 3000 times
Internal resistance: ≤800mΩ
Battery weight: 72kg
Product dimension: 340*200*165mm
Charging temperature:0~45℃
Discharging temperature: -20~60℃
Storage temperature: -20~45℃
Communication protocol: CAN/RS485/RS232 Communication
Lithium-ion battery protection: short circuit protection, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, overcurrent protection, temperature protection
Application field: Energy storage system, Electric power system

1. Wide operating temperature range: -20℃-55℃
2. Fast charging: Cyclic fast charging, no memory effect
3. Light-weight, large capacity, good low-temperature performance, can charge and discharge at a large rate
4. Safe and reliable: built-in protection board (short circuit, overcharge, over-discharge protection, etc
5. Super long life: after 500 times of continuous charge and discharge, the battery capacity not less than 80%

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Energy storage system, Electric power system