Low-Temperature Li-ion Battery LiFePo4 Battery 12v 100ah With Bluetooth

Low-temperature lithium batteries have the advantages of a lightweight, high specific energy and long life, and are widely used in various electronic devices.

Nominal voltage: 12.8V
Nominal capacity: 100Ah
Battery size: 483*175*240mm
Battery internal resistance: ≤20mΩ
Battery weight: 25kg
Charging current: 80A
Continuous discharge current: 100A
Charging voltage: 14.6V
Discharge cut-off voltage: 15.6V
Charging temperature: -20 ~ 45 °C
Discharge temperature: -30 ~ 60 °C
Storage temperature: 0℃ to 40℃
Lithium-ion battery protection: short circuit protection, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, overcurrent protection, temperature protection, etc.
Application field: Solar, Telecom

1. Excellent low-temperature performance
2. Wide operating temperature range
3. Low-temperature lithium iron phosphate battery discharge at a different temperature curve can be discharged at -40 ℃ to 55 ℃
4. Low-temperature lithium iron phosphate battery with 0.2c discharge cycle test curve at -20℃ temperature, after 300 cycles, still has a capacity retention rate of more than 93%

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Solar, Telecom