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Lithium battery application

Table of Contents

Under the new 5G infrastructure, there are multiple market segments for lithium batteries. 5G applications will promote the development of social electrification and intelligence. 5G communications, large-scale mobile power and decentralized energy storage will grow rapidly, and energy storage lithium-ion batteries will increase; secondly, 5G applications will accelerate the development of smart cars. Promoting the large-scale popularization of electric vehicles will directly drive the market demand for power batteries; finally, 5G applications will enable mobile phones, computers, household appliances and other consumer electronics products to usher in a new round of growth. At the same time, 5G applications will also promote the rapid development of smart homes, smart communities, smart social services and various mobile robots.

1. 5G communication and energy storage
2. 5G Intelligent Connected Car
3. Consumer electronics and smart home products

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