25.9V Li ion battery

Lithium battery advantage

Lithium-ion batteries are currently divided into three main categories, namely square, cylindrical, and soft pack; the square and cylindrical shells are mainly made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel and other hard shells, while the shell of the soft pack is made of aluminum plastic film. Compared with square and cylindrical housings, what are the main advantages of soft pack lithium batteries?

Good safety performance

 The electrolyte of the soft-pack battery has less leakage, and the

Product Application

What products are your lithium batteries mainly used for?

Our lithium batteries are mainly used in TWS, industrial equipment, instrumentation, lighting, medical equipment, and portable wearable products. You provide us with product parameters, and we can provide you with lithium battery solutions. Or email to sales@shanlienergy.com

Lithium battery application

Under the new 5G infrastructure, there are multiple market segments for lithium batteries. 5G applications will promote the development of social electrification and intelligence. 5G communications, large-scale mobile power and decentralized energy storage will grow rapidly, and energy storage lithium-ion batteries will increase; secondly, 5G applications will accelerate the development of smart cars. Promoting the large-scale popularization of electric vehicles will directly drive the market demand for power batteries; finally, 5G applications will enable mobile

2020 ranking of top ten lithium battery brands

Global Lithium Battery Industry Competitive Landscape: China, Japan, and South Korea make great efforts, Panasonic first. 

Based on the two rankings, the global and Chinese lithium battery industry competition echelons are as follows:

The three major international giants Panasonic, LG Chem and Samsung SDI;

The first echelon in China is Ningde era and BYD;

The second echelon in China is Guoxuan Hi-Tech, BAK Battery, Funeng Technology and Yiwei Lithium Energy

1. Ranking of Chinese Lithium

18650 battery,18650 battery

The Comprehensive Introduction for 18650 battery cell


The 18650 numbers in the 18650 lithium battery represent the external dimensions: 18 means a diameter of 18mm, 65 means a length of 65mm, and 0 means a cylindrical battery. It is a standard lithium-ion battery model set by the Japanese SONY company in order to save costs, called 18650 lithium battery.

1. The best 18650 lithium battery pack

The 18650 numbers in the 18650 lithium battery represent the external dimensions: 18 means a

Lithium battery

Correct charge method

Lithium batteries such as mobile phones and notebook computers are used as secondary batteries, which can be charged multiple times and are convenient to use. However, there are many opinions and even misunderstandings regarding the charging method of lithium batteries.

So, how to charge the new lithium battery correctly? Xixi has sorted out the commonly used mobile phone lithium battery charging methods. Of course, you must know why. The correct use of lithium batteries is


The key technology of power battery management system BMS 2

BMS Key Issues

1. Battery voltage measurement of BMS(CVM)

Although BMS has many functional modules, this article only analyzes and summarizes its key issues. At present, the key issues relate to battery voltage measurement, data sampling frequency synchronization, battery state estimation, battery uniformity and balance, and accurate measurement of battery fault diagnosis.

The difficulty of battery voltage measurement lies in the following aspects:

1.1 The battery pack of an electric vehicle has hundreds of cells


The key technology of power battery management system BMS

Definition of the battery management system

The main task of the battery management system is to ensure the design performance of the battery system, which can be broken down into the following three aspects:

1) Safety, BMS protects the battery cell or battery pack from damage and prevent safety accidents;
2) Durability, BMS make the battery work in a reliable and safe area, and extend the service life of the battery;
3) Power to maintain