Best applications of our Tech

True Wireless Stere (TWS)

  • High energy density, long cycle life and more safety
  • Low internal resistance and low self-discharge rate
  • Flexible design for all sizes
  • Environmentally friendly, meet in line with Rohs regulations
  • 3C-5C fast charging system

Smart Wearable Devices

  • Customized flexible sizes
  • Safe and reliable battery pack design
  • Steady performance throughout cycle life
  • Leading edge energy density
  • Strong discharge performances at our working temperatures

Bluetooth Speaker

  • Strong big rate max discharging performance as well as working storage performance
  • It supports 500 full cycle of charge and discharge while using
  • Ultra-thin form factors with custom size capabilities to meet the mechanical demands of the end product

Beauty Apparatus

  • High pulse discharge output
  • Good performance of high temperature storage
  • Long cycle life that supports more than 500 cycles at full depths of discharge cycling
  • Strong fast-charging and discharging performance, including low self discharge performance

AGV Robotic

  • Power battery has many cycles of charge and discharge
  • Intelligent management provides reliable and high-quality power energy for your system.
  • Small size and light weight

Intelligent Sweeper

  • Energy type: small motor vacuum cleaner, its instant starting and working current small
  • Power type: high-power motor vacuum cleaner, its working current is large, using power-type batteries
  • It is often used 4S1P pack method in current market, such as 18650 14.8V 2.2Ah battery pack

Portable Payment Terminal

  • High power density, long cycle life;
  • High rate discharge performance;
  • Low internal resistance, low level of self discharging;
  • Protection IC: Online monitoring of over-charging, over-discharging, over-current, short circuit and other functions of the cell

Smart Security Equipment

  • Flexible sizes and with options for custom sizes
  • Temperature switch: mainly designed for temperature protection function
  • Safety & durable
  • Environmentally friendly and compliant with Europe RoHS regulations

Solar Light

  • Faster charge, Over 5 years lifespam
  • Wide charging temperature range
  • Reduce solar battery usage (low voltage charging possible)

B Ultrasound Machine

  • Continuous, efficient and stable
  • High energy ratio, light weight
  • Safety & durable
  • Adopt highly intelligent SBS battery management system
  • 18650 Li ion cell(Lishen, BAK or others)
smart robotics

Smart Robotics

  • Light weight and no memory effect
  • Low self-discharge rate, large capacity
  • discharge quickly with large current
  • Long life and environmental friendly
  • 18650 Power Battery